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A Rich History
Founded in 1964, Dick Martin Plumbing has a rich history of service throughout Indiana. Through strategic partnerships with corporations, local governments, key stakeholders, and industry professionals, DMP quickly established itself as a fair and reputable company throughout Indiana. In 2016, due to an increased need in the local market for reputable General Contractors/Construction Management agencies, we brought Dick Martin Plumbing under the umbrella of DMP Services to offer a one-stop solution for our corporate clients, and 2017 brings even more exciting services to the table.

360 Degree Support

We will assist and consult throughout the various phases of your project to ensure that all work is being completed to local code, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. We will also complete a pre-inspection walk thru to ensure one last time that all work is up to code and ready to pass inspection. We are available throughout the entire project should any questions arise. You will also have access to our state of the art web portal, where copies of permits and licenses will be stored, where you can submit changes, ask questions, or view information 24 hours a day. 

Local Permitting

We are able to pull permits for various projects to include: Plumbing, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Demolition, structural, New Construction, Street Cuts, and various others. We maintain insurance and bonding with local municipalities.

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